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In the age of e-commerce, the world wide web has become a major driving force for businesses. Website development and design service providers have, therefore, become absolutely essential. They help establish a firm’s digital footprint and reach prospective clients.

In keeping with a client’s marketing goals, web designers chalk out a plan to make the site visually attractive, appealing, informative and user friendly. Apart from the domain name and web hosting services, themes and interface templates can be created using various design tools.

Most service providers are ready to offer customised website and interface designs, different types of website packages and template designs that meet the goals and objectives of a client. They have various solutions to propagate a client’s brand identity. They use systems like AJAX, PHP, WordPress, Parallax and Drupal, which suit the needs of all types of organisations and individuals.

They also specialise in content management systems (CMS) and search engine optimisation (SEO) practices which affect site rankings based on search results. Besides, e-mail campaigns, social media marketing, mobile applications and blog development are some of the other tasks performed by these skilled service providers as they utilise their expertise to make one’s business mission successful.

Handy Hints
• SEO and CMS services affect website rankings
• Web development establishes digital footprint
• UAE is dotted with firms offering web services

Source: Shabnam Mondal, Special to Classifieds
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