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Web development services in UAE

Web development services in UAEImage Credit: Supplied

With technology advancing at lightning speed, businessmen today have come to realize that no great product or service will come into fullness nor survive without a web-based platform.

But instead of building a company website from scratch, especially if the company does not have the people with the needed expertise to create, build and manage a website, businesses and even individuals usually outsource web development work to professional service companies. Hiring professional web developers also ensures clients have more time to focus on growing their business, instead of having to deal with issues concerning their face on the Web.

Web development usually comprises conceptualization, design, content management, eBusiness solutions, intranet services, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, and more.

Most web developers do not limit themselves to any one industry as web development work can be customized according to what clients need, their industry, target audience/market, the ‘voice’ they want to project online, the number of features they want on their site, the size of the website, their budgetary restrictions and the like.

Although not all web development companies provide web copy-related services such as web content writing and editing, there are some who provide a whole range of services from conceptualization phase through to managing the website and providing web analytics – is a very powerful and useful tool for measuring, collecting and analysing data to assess the rate of web traffic, as well as for market research.

Handy Hints:

• Hiring a pro lets you focus on growing your business

• Developers handle conceptualization, design, etc.

• Web analytics is a powerful market research tool

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