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- Bu chim powder: 200gm
- Spring onions: 80gm
- Assorted seafood: 100gm
- Water: 300mL
- Eggs, beaten: 2pcs
- Red bell peppers, sliced: 5gm
- Green bell peppers, sliced: 5gm
- Chili soy sauce: 20mL

Method of Preparation:

• In a large bowl, mix bu chim powder or flour with water, and mix well until smooth. Set batter aside to 'rest'.

• Slice spring onions into 1-inch sections, then place them in a pan coated with oil.

• Pour the bu chim mixture into the pan.

• Add seafood and sliced peppers on top. Cook the bottom part of the pancake first.

• Pour beaten egg mixture onto the pancake and turn over.

• Cook the pancake thoroughly until golden brown.

• Serve hot with chili soy sauce.

Did you know...

Seafood helps reduce the risk of stroke and heart diseases. It is recommended to have two to three servings of seafood or fish every week.

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