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Satisfy 'exotic' fruit cravings

Satisfy 'exotic' fruit cravingsImage Credit: Supplied

If you have a passion for passion fruit or are craving for cranberries, don't worry. The UAE is a treasure trove for a vast variety of exotic fruits from across the globe. There are many leading food companies which export all kinds of fruits under strict hygienic standards and make them available throughout the year.

These exotic fruits make an impressive addition to your gift baskets and milkshakes. Apart from enticing your senses, these fruits also have medicinal value. A few examples are:

Pomegranate - Believed to be the most powerful antioxidant of all fruits, it also lowers cholesterol and blood pressure. It is easily available in all leading supermarkets.

Berries – They are a rich source of Vitamin C and they help replenish the body's fluid levels due to their water content. Gooseberries and strawberries are readily available while cranberries and currants are a more seasonal variety. More exotic berries like acai berry and loganberry are also available in selected supermarkets.

Kiwi – This fruit native to New Zealand has become very popular in the UAE due to its tangy taste. One serving of kiwi fruit provides more than twice the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Kiwi contains lutein, an antioxidant that plays an important role in preventing loss of eyesight due to age-related degeneration. It also decreases asthma symptoms in children.

Passion fruit - Apart from being a rich source of Vitamin C, this South American fruit is also high in dietary fiber and Vitamin A.

Handy Hints:

• Exotic fruits are easily available all over the UAE.

• They are imported from different parts of the world.

• They are rich in nutrients and have medicinal value.

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