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Black Pasta with Crab Meat Sauce

Black Pasta with Crab Meat SauceImage Credit: Supplied

Ingredients:- Black tonnarelli pasta: 600gm- Broad beans (fresh): 100gm- Crab meat: 150gm- Grape tomatoes: 150gm- Fresh basil: 4gm- Extra virgin olive oil: 100mL- Red chilies: 4gm- Onions: 50gmMethod of Preparation:• Boil the pasta in salted water. Cook only until al dente to the point.• For the crab meat, boil crab and de-shell. Set aside crab meat and discard the shell, keeping the claws for garnishing.• Sauté onions, grape tomatoes, basil, broad beans and chili in extra virgin olive oil, including the crab meat.• Add the boiled pasta to the sautéed ingredients and mix well.• Serve on a plate or oven-baked paper basket with a crab claw, half a fresh grape tomato and a sprig of basil on top.Did you know...Tonnarelli, an egg pasta, is made the same way as spaghetti except that it comes out with a square cross section derived from the shape of the extruder.Source: Special to Classifieds