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How to prepare Moti Dana

Moti DanaImage Credit: Supplied

Start with ingredients then follow the simple method on how to prepare Moti Dana.


 Khoya 500g
 Milk 500mL
 Sugar 70g
 Saffron 1tsp
 Vetiver water 2tsp
 Almonds, blanched and chopped 10 pcs
 Pistachio, blanched and chopped 10 pcs
 Green cardamom powder 1tsp
 Silver leaves (chaandi ka varq) Few pieces

Method of Preparation:

• In a mixing bowl, mash 100 grams of khoya. Then add the blanched and chopped nuts (almonds and pistachios).
• Add ½ teaspoon of cardamom powder to the mixture, and mix well. Set aside.
• Mix saffron in 4 tablespoons of milk; set aside.
• Heat the rest of the milk in a pan and boil it for 7-8 minutes. Then add 150 grams of khoya, the sugar, and the saffron mixed with milk.
• Cook for another 2 minutes, then remove and transfer into a serving dish. Add ½ teaspoon of cardamom powder and the vetiver water.
• Make small balls with the remaining khoya mixed with nuts, and stuff them with dry fruit khoya mixture.
• Arrange the silver leaves on the balls and place them on top of the milk mixture, and then serve.

Did you know...Almonds help reduce heart attack risk and lower bad cholesterol, while pistachios also help lower cholesterol levels and aid in weight management.

Source: Courtesy of Rakesh Puri, Author – Super Indian Cook Book, Special to Classifieds