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Ikan Bakar with Sambal Belacan

South East Asian fish recipeImage Credit: Supplied

   Local sherry fillet 200g
   Turmeric powder 1tsp
   Red chilis, halved, deseeded 8 pcs
   Toasted belacan (shrimp paste) 1tbsp
   Shallots, quartered 2 pcs
   Salt 1/4tsp
   Fish sauce 2tsp
   White or raw sugar 2 & 1/2tsp
   Lime juice 20mL
   Lemongrass, white part, sliced 1/2 stalk
   Banana leaves 2 pcs
   Green chilis 5 pcs
   Kaffir lime leaves 4 pcs
   Coriander root 1/2 cup

Method of Preparation:

• Coat washed fish with turmeric, and set aside.
• Make a sambal paste by grinding red chilis, shallots, belacan and lemongrass into a fine paste using little water. Heat oil in a frying pan; add the paste. Add salt, fish sauce, sugar and lime juice; mix well. Cook on low to medium heat for 10 minutes.
• Wash the turmeric off the fish. Spread the sambal paste on both sides of the fish and place it in a banana leaf. Cover it with a banana leaf and seal the ends with bamboo skewers. Grill for 6 minutes.
• To make sambal belacan, fry the shrimp paste and add green chilis, coriander root, kaffir lime leaves and salt. Remove from heat, grind and add lime juice and sugar. Serve fish with sambal belacan on the side.

Did you know...

Sambal is a spicy sauce or condiment popular in Malaysia and Indonesia. It consists of chilis, lime juice, onions, shrimp paste and other ingredients



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