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Learn how to make Tuna Tataki

Learn how to make Tuna TatakiImage Credit: Supplied


* Tuna saku: 150gm
* Togarashi (spice mix): 10gm
* Sea salt: 5gm
* Soy sauce: 10mL
* Balsamic vinegar: 10mL
* White grape juice mixed with lemon juice or zest: 10mL
* Pickled ginger, shredded: 5gm
* Canola oil: 10mL
* Sesame seeds: 5gm
* Sakura mix: 10gm
* Carrots: 20gm
* Beetroot: 20gm
* Cucumber: 20gm
* Celery: 20gm
* Red radish: 10gm
* White radish: 20gm

Method of Preparation:

• Sprinkle sea salt on the tuna loin. Crust tuna loin with togarashi and sesame seeds, and sear on a hot griddle (20-30 seconds per side).

• Shave all the vegetables (paper thin) and leave them in chilled water for 30 minutes.

• Make a dressing combining soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, canola oil, mirin and pickled ginger.

• Thinly slice and arrange the tuna on a chilled plate. Top the tuna with the shaved vegetables.

• Pour over the dressing and serve.

Did you know...

A fixture in sushi and sashimi markets, tuna fish is rich in Omega-3 and selenium, which are both known to prevent cancer and heart disease.

Source: Courtesy of Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments, Bur Dubai