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Prawn Wasabi

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Prawns, size 16/20 300g
Wasabi powder 15g
Mayonnaise 50g
Potato flour 40g
Tobiko, orange 20g
Cooking oil 500mL
Lemon juice 2g
Sugar 2g
Egg white 2 pcs
Condensed milk 15g
Salt and pepper Pinch

Strawberry 2 pcs
Mango 50g
Black sesame 5g

Method of Preparation:
Mix mayonnaise, wasabi powder, lemon juice and condensed milk.
Clean the prawns and marinate with salt, pepper, sugar and egg white.
Coat the prawns with potato flour then deep fry. Drain the oil and set aside.
Pour the wasabi-mayonnaise mixture on top.

To Serve:
Place the prawns on a serving plate. Garnish with pieces of strawberry, mango and tobiko. Sprinkle with black sesame and serve.

Did you know...
Tobiko is Japanese for flying fish roe used in several dishes as garnish. Its orange color can be altered by mixing it with other natural ingredients.

Source: Courtesy of Long Yin, Le Meridien Dubai for Classifieds