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Recipe of the week: Learn how to make Lab Ped Yang

Roasted duck salad with chili powder dressingImage Credit: Supplied

Roasted duck salad with chili powder dressing


Whole roasted duck       - 180g
Spring onion - 20g
Red onion                        - 20g
Thai chili powder             - 15g
Lime leaves                     - 10g
Salt To taste
Lime juice                       - 2tsp
Fish sauce                       - 2tsp
Lemongrass                     - 15g
Chopped Thai parsley      - 20g
Chopped mint leaves       - 30g
Thai palm sugar              - 15g
Chopped Thai galangal   - 15g
Oyster sauce                  - 2tsp
Red onion for frying        - 20g

Method of Preparation:

* Slice the duck into thin pieces.
* Mix the fish sauce, lime juice, palm sugar and chili powder in a mixing bowl.
* Add the duck pieces into the bowl.
* Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.
* Serve the salad on a plate and garnish it with mint leaves.

Did you know...

Galangal, a Thai cuisine seasoning that looks like ginger, has a peppery taste. It is said to contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Source: Courtesy of The Royal Budha, Holiday Inn Dubai – Al Barsha