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Recipe of the week - Learn how to make Wakame Salad

Recipe of the week - Learn how to make Wakame SaladImage Credit: Supplied

- Ingredients:

• Avocadoes: 110g
• Ripe papayas: 100g
• Cherry tomatoes: 100g
• Fresh coriander sprigs: 50g
• Basil leaves: 50g
• Iceberg lettuce: 150g
• Sesame seeds, toasted: 50g
• Goma wakame: 100g
• Rice vinegar: 20mL
• Honey: 10g
• Sesame oil: 5mL
• Fish sauce: 10mL
• Orange juice: 10mL
• Chili, chopped: 10g
• Ginger, chopped: 10g
• Garlic, chopped: 10g

- Method of Preparation:

• Cut avocadoes and papayas into diamond shapes. Wash the lettuce and keep in the fridge.

• In a bowl, mix the rice vinegar, honey, fish sauce, orange juice, sesame oil, and chopped garlic, chili and ginger.

• In a large bowl, combine the lettuce, papayas, avocadoes, cherry tomatoes, wakame and herbs, and toss with the dressing.

• Check seasoning. Arrange in a plate topped with toasted sesame seeds.

Did you know...

Wakame is a seaweed used as ingredient in salads and miso soup. It is a good source of calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium, folate and vitamins

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Source: Courtesy of Balance Cafe