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Sawan Ke Laddoo

Sawan Ke LaddooImage Credit: Supplied


 Chickpeas flour (besan) 2 & ½ cups
 Semolina 2 &½ cups
 Powdered sugar 2 cups
 Ghee 2 cups
 Roasted sesame seeds 5tbsp
 Cashew nuts (chopped) 4tbsp
 Pistachio (chopped) 4tbsp
 Chirongi 2tbsp
 Cardamom powder 1 & ½tsp
 Almonds to garnish 

Method of Preparation:
• Heat ghee in a wok.
• Add the semolina and sauté in medium heat until it turns pink.
• Add the chickpeas flour and cook until it emits a pleasant aroma.
• Remove from heat and cool.
• After five minutes, add the powdered sugar.
• Add all the other ingredients except the almonds and sesame seeds.
• Mix well.
• Make balls (commonly called laddoos) and roll them in sesame seeds.
• Garnish with almonds. 

Did you know...
Sesame seeds are a nutritional wonder. They lower bad cholesterol, promote bone health, boost the immune system and reduce hypertension.





Source: Courtesy of Rakesh Puri, Author – Super Indian Cook Book, Special to Classifieds