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Smoked Salmon with Vegetables

Smoked Salmon with VegetablesImage Credit: Supplied
Salmon fillet                       200gm
Salt and sugar                    200gm each
Water aboutabout              6 cups
Thyme                               10gm
Rosemary                          10gm
Oregano                            10gm
Lime zest and juice           1 pc
Cloves                              4 pcs
Charcoal (for smoking)
Baby carrots                     50gm
Broccoli                            50gm
Fennel                              50gm
Grape fruit                       100gm
Grapes 50gm
Mint (shredded)               5gm
Capers                             5gm
Olive oil                          10mL
Method of Preparation:
Boil water, then add salt and sugar; allow to cool. Marinate salmon in thyme and lime zest. Place and cover salmon in the brine of salt and sugar for two hours.
Put the salmon on a smoking tray and place inside the oven at 100°C for slow roasting.
Marinate vegetables in olive oil and herbs. Wrap in aluminum foil and put them on a barbecue grill until crunchy and tender, cooked in its own steam. For the relish, take out the segments of grape fruit, and mix with shredded mint, capers and halved grapes.
Arrange the vegetables on a plate, top with cooked salmon and grape fruit relish, and serve.
Courtesy of Fountain Restaurant Mövenpick Hotel & Apartments
Did you know...
Salmon is well-known as an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, selenium, B vitamins, protein, minerals and amino acids.

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