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TiramisuImage Credit: Supplied


- Mascarpone cheese: 500gm
- Espresso coffee: 3 cups
- Granulated sugar: 120gm
- Lady fingers (sponge cake): 400gm
- Cocoa powder: 30gm
- Eggs: 4 pcs

Method of Preparation:

• Whip the eggs and granulated sugar together in a bowl until white, and then add the whole package of mascarpone cheese slowly.

• In a separate bowl, soften the lady fingers with the espresso coffee. Make sure you dip the lady fingers in the coffee long enough to get them wet but do not soak.

• In a serving dish, arrange a layer of lady fingers; then spoon over a layer of the mascarpone cream mixture. Repeat the same procedure twice.

• Garnish the dessert by dusting the topmost layer with cocoa powder. Refrigerate for six (6) hours before serving.

• For a more special presentation, serve tiramisu servings individually in dessert cups, bowls or plates with dark chocolate shavings and a maraschino cherry on top.

Did you know...

Mascarpone, an Italian cheese usually associated with tiramisu, can also be used to enrich dishes such as risotto, pasta, soups and other desserts.

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