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Stay glamorous on a budget

Being fashionable doesn’t mean spending wads of cash

Wise supermarket navigation

Plan ahead and make each grocery shopping trip count

Dubai flea markets abuzz with energy

Shopping means more than just heading for the nearest mall

Tablet buying for beginners

Whatever model you buy, consider its functionality and cost

When store brand buys pay off

Cheaper alternatives sometimes similar to their pricey counterparts

Men’s headwear deconstructed

Choosing the right hat depends on one’s outfit and face shape

Right to buy and change your mind

Thorough research before buying better than after-sales hang-ups

Shoppers ditch lists, buy what they fancy

Good deals, quality of product and variety are the pull factors this year, they say

Malls extend timings for Dubai Shopping Festival

Outlets at leading malls to stay open till 1am or 3am in some cases

The advantages of slip-ons

There is a rich history behind the trusty slip-on footwear