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All geared up for camping fun in the UAE?

All geared up for camping funImage Credit: Supplied

The weather is perfect for bonfires and ghost tales. But before heading off to the vast desert wilderness or the beach, check if you are properly geared up. The word here is canvass, so canvass hard and compare because quality camping gear does not come cheap.

Tent – Pitching a tent is easy, but can it withstand the elements? Camping enthusiasts advise buying a tent with sturdy poles that do not break under strong winds. The size depends on the number of people who will use it, but experts advise buying a piece that can accommodate one more person than necessary. Multi-room tents are also available for families with kids.

Sleeping bag – Traditional, quilt, or hoodless, sleeping bags are crafted to give campers a good night's sleep under a canopy of stars or inside a tent. They basically have two types of insulation: down and synthetic, with the latter the most favored in wet/moist conditions. Pick one that offers enough comfort, i.e. neither too roomy nor too cramped.

Stove – Portable cooking stoves can range from one to multiple burners, depending on a camper's needs, and use white gas, propane, butane, kerosene, unleaded gas, etc. However, white gas stoves stand out because they are more environment-friendly.

Lights/lanterns – In the olden times, gas lanterns were the norm. Today, however, the choice is endless: LED, solar or crank/wind lanterns, and flashlights. Bring one that provides greater ease of use.

Cooler – Coolers are a camping must-have so you never have to worry about food storage. Think durable and tough when in a quandary as to what brand to buy.

Other items to load onto the 4x4 are chairs, eating utensils, water, food, first aid kit and thrash bags.

Handy Hints:

• A tent with sturdy poles can withstand the elements.

• Sleeping bags should be comfortable and snug.

• White gas stoves are popular for being eco-friendly.

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