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Belt-ing it out on any occasion

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For some, a belt is just a practical apparatus to hold up a pair of trousers or jeans. For others, a belt represents an accessory that is painstakingly chosen and matched accordingly. A classic style is the leather or suede for both men and women.

In menswear, the thinner style is favored and is sought in brown or black; while for women, styles tend to vary in color and design. Basically, men’s belts tend to sit near the hips while women’s belts tend to be waist or hip accessories. Most belt buckles are crafted from metal and available in golden, copper, silver, or bronze shades. For women, belt buckles often give that much needed pizazz, and can be ornate or plain in design. Shapes are square, oval or round, and often include embellishments such as studs placed in rows or randomly.

There are also elastic cinch belts which are made of elasticized fabric, are usually wide in size and include a fastener. While less common in men’s belts, these are often much thinner and worn alongside casual summer wear. Another style is the self-tie which is similar to the tie on a bathrobe. It is more functional in design and intended to enable a better fit as it is often made of the same material as the garment. These kinds of self-tie sashes or belts accentuate the waist and enhance interest to a plain garment.

There are also chain belts for ladies which suit women with slim waists, while wider belts worn at the waist flatter larger figures. More expensive belts are offered in designer styles, and are crafted from exotic animal skins such as ostrich, alligator and lizard.

Handy Hints
• One should ideally own brown, tan and black belts
• Belts worn over a cardigan help define the waist
• Some belts are crafted from exotic animal skins




Source: Saadiya Ahmad, Special to Classifieds
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