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Buying home gym equipment

Buying home gym equipmentImage Credit: Supplied

Rather than spending money on a gym membership you never use, why not invest in home gym equipment instead? However, make sure you choose your equipment carefully; otherwise, even a small investment can become a waste of money if that equipment is never used.

The main thing to focus on would be your fitness goals. Cardio equipment such as a treadmill help improve cardiovascular health; resistance equipment and free weights help strengthen and tone; a combination of the two is the best way to reduce body fat.

Budget is a major factor when buying gym equipment, that is why it is a good idea not to buy too many at once. You may not have the funds to buy a treadmill (a top brand can cost a few thousand dirhams) but an exercise stepper and some workout DVDs could provide just as good a workout at a fraction of the cost.

Make sure you think about what you enjoy. If you hate cycling, an exercise bike is likely to end up an expensive clothes rack. Try home workout DVDs and group exercise classes to get a better idea of what you enjoy. You may think you hate weight training, but have you ever tried it?

Once you have chosen the piece you want, it is time to consider the make and brand. Recognized brands such as TechnoGym, Total Gym and Powertec offer peace of mind and usually have warranties.

Finally, do not get caught up in miracle cures. A new trendy gadget that works only one muscle will be less productive and less cost-effective than an exercise ball and a basic set of dumbbells.

Handy Hints:

• Consider make and brand for equipment to last long

• Don't buy gadgets that don't work on most muscles

• If budget is a hindrance, buy workout DVDs instead

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