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Buying a smartphone on a budget

The digital market is teeming with new and funky gadgets popping up every day. Gone are the days when one had to own a big personal computer to access email, documents and what have you. It is the era of everything smart and accessible – from phones to cars. With so much competition in the mobile market, buying a snazzy iPhone or an S4 is a piece of cake. But if you are looking for something smart on a budget, it is a totally different ball game.

Do your homework properly. There are millions of websites which provide specifications and information about different cellphones. The Dubai Summer Surprises and Dubai Shopping Festival are always there and sales are definitely on. Check out all the deals first before taking the plunge. If you are buying a smartphone, whatever the budget you decide, also take the data package fee into account.

Buy a smartphone with a screen resolution of 480x800; avoid the older versions of the Android operating system. Look out for faster processors since those with a 1Ghz single core ones perform somewhat sluggishly. Camera is another important element, so buy one which offers a rear-facing 5mp camera with a LED flash.

Some of the specs you can overlook when buying on a budget include retina display and 32GB memory which can be substituted with an expandable storage. Experts recommend phones by Huawei, known for cost-effective yet app-rich options. Another great smartphone coming under Dh650 is Nokia Lumia 520 boasting a 5mp camera, 4-inch display size and sensitive touchscreen.

Handy Hints
• Buy a smartphone with a screen resolution of 480x800
• Avoid older versions of the Android operating system
• Retina display, 32GB memory can be overlooked

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