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Find that perfect hat moment this summer

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Gone are the days when hats were only worn during special occasions, and to protect the face and the hair from the glaring rays of the sun. Now they have become a fashion statement, adorning the heads of men and women alike. From the ubiquitous baseball caps to the amazing fascinators at the races, hats are seen everywhere. When buying a hat, choose one that is not only functional but also reflects your personality.

The fedora and trilby, popular for both sexes, are available in a multitude of styles, materials (straw, felt, tweed and others) and colors. Trilbies are always mistaken for fedoras as the two look similar, but sartorialists know the difference is in the brim. Trilbies have narrower brims than fedoras. Both are, however, great for weekends out of town or traveling. Choose a piece that matches most of your outfits, and ladies should think twice about buying one with impractical embellishments.

A straw hat is the best summer must-have because it is light. Perfect for any sun-sea-sand adventure, it comes in a variety of styles like wide brim and floppy. The Panama hat (and the fedora and trilby) comes under this category. Some individuals also don bucket hats for sun protection.

Winter essentials include beanies, berets, toques, cloches, bomber hats, flat caps and newsboy caps which are generally made of wool to keep one warm. And then there is the cowboy hat, the boonie hat, the bowler hat or derby, the porkpie hat, and others.

The world of hats is as fascinating as it is intimidating. The next time you step out of the house, let your hat do the talking.

Handy Hints
• Straw and bucket hats are perfect for summer
• Winter hats include beanies, berets and others
• Fedora and trilby are popular among men, women

Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Classifieds
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