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Gear for those sweaty workouts

Ensure maximum comfort by wearing the right kind of clothesImage Credit: Supplied

Health news on the adverse effects of social and environmental factors like stress and lifestyle, and the physical deterioration our bodies go through because of the excessive consumption of restaurantbought and fast food have had a lot of us heading for the gym or at least sweating it out outside or at home.

And essential to these workout sessions is wearing the right kind of gear to ensure maximum comfort at least in the clothes we wear, no matter how rigorous and challenging the exercise may be.

First on your list should be comfort. Workout clothes should neither be too tight as to restrict proper breathing and movement, nor too loose so as to cause chafing.

If you do a lot of cardio exercises, moisture-wicking workout clothes will ensure you stay relatively drier than you would if you wear ‘regular’ clothes. Some offer moisture wicking targeting only specific parts of the body associated with heavy sweating, whereas others are totally made up of moisture-wicking material such as those used by runners. Other ‘hi-tech’ workout gear options offer sun protection and/or odor control. For bikers and runners or people who do outdoor workouts, some clothes feature glow-in-the-dark material visible from afar. These features apply to tops, bottoms, socks and various training shoes.

To avoid overspending when the seasons change, buy workout gear that can work in layers when the cold, windy or rainy season sets in. And always buy off-season to get the best deals.

Handy Hints

* Buy clothes that are neither too tight nor too loose

* Moisture-wicking clothes great for cardio routines

* Luminescent gear best for those who run and bike

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Source: Claire Dangalan, Special to Classifieds

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