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Get smart with smartwatches

Get smart with smartwatchesImage Credit: Supplied

Smartwatches are said to be smartphones what wristwatches were to pocket watches. The constant rummaging around in bags and pockets for one's smartphone/s is considered time-consuming especially for those with a busy work schedule. The convenience of being able to check your messages at a glance becomes more useful as smartwatches become more common and affordable.

The smartwatch getting the most attention is a highly popular Korean brand most notably because even in these early days, there are already three versions in the market. Each device has its pros and cons, but as a range, they are attractive, light and wearable devices. The major downside is that they only pair with three smartphones of the same brand, and while they are not yet suited to replace them, they can still cost over Dh700.

Another popular smartwatch is made by a well-known Japanese maker. One of the best watches for apps including everything from basic text messaging, weather, email, social networks and fitness. The watch is very functional but can seem a bit oversized. Prices are around Dh500 to over Dh700 depending on the model.

A relatively unknown brand that comes in two models has both designs compatible with both iOS and Android, and put more emphasis on style than applications. They lack a touchscreen in favor of physical buttons. A unit costs over Dh700, and is ideal for those wanting something more closely resembling a watch than a phone.

Handy Hints:

• One popular smartwatch comes in three designs

• One of Japanese make is among best units for apps

• Another type is compatible with Android and iOS

Source: Nicholas Baker, Special to Classifieds

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