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How to pick the best gaming laptop

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No longer confined to the battle between popular gaming consoles and gaming PC units, laptops have finally joined the fore, bringing mobility, great imaging technology, monster surround sound and impressive physical features. But what key components should you watch out for to get the best out of your buck as a serious gamer? After all, gaming laptops normally come with a hefty price tag. How to pick the best gaming laptop? Check out the items below:

Processor: To be a guaranteed victor, you don’t just need razor-sharp gaming skills; having a unit with an Intel six-core processor in the Corei7 family would be ideal so you get your game on. Other options include AMD FX and quad core Intel Core i7 processors. Scrimp a little with a quad core i5 or AMD A8.

Memory: Have at least 4GB of RAM; and if you can afford it, go for 16GB or higher for better speed.

Graphics: If you’re a big fan of W.O.W., Diablo or BioShock games, your system will require one or more discrete graphics cards. Go for single or dual GPU setups like AMD’s CrossFireX or Nvidia’s 2, 3 or 4-way SLI with up to four Nvidia GeForce GTX cards or GPUs.

Display: For a truly rich gaming experience, go for 11”, 14”, 15”, 17” and 18” displays. Go any higher and you will be getting added bulk and cost as well since larger displays capable of giving 1080p HD resolutions would require a higher quality graphics card for optimum performance. Get one with no less than 1366x768p; 1920x1080p is ideal.

Other items worth considering include the number of ports, sound quality, keyboard, wireless connectivity and the OS.

Handy hints on how to pick the best gaming laptop
• Unit with Intel 6-core processor in Corei7 family ideal
• Check for the number of ports, sound, OS, etc.
• Your laptop should have at least 8GB of RAM

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