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Men’s headwear deconstructed

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There are a few standard choices for men’s headwear, each with its own ideal occasion and setting.

The flat cap, usually made of wool, tweed or cotton and is rounded with a small brim in front, goes well with everyday attire and looks good when paired with a trench coat.

The fedora can make a lasting impression at formal occasions. With a crease at the top center and full rounded brim, often with a fold at the back, it is usually made of felt fabric. It is not to be confused with the homburg which has a single dent at the top and a more circular brim. While also made of felt fabric, the homburg is more classic and formal than the often more casual fedora.

Bowler, porkpie and newsboy caps are also often included in modern casual attire, adding versatility or a casual finishing touch to a formal or semi-formal attire.

However, the choice between which types of hat to wear depends on both your outfit and face shape. Don’t forget to pair the right material of hat with the right material of outfit. A wool cap would look great with a T-shirt and jeans but would be overkill in a wool jumper. Those with a round-shaped face can choose a hat with a broad brim, such as a fedora, for balance. Round hats, like bowler or homburg, suit those with a square face. Those with a long face should avoid hats with long crowns and choose something that shortens and balances it out like the porkpie or fedora.

Handy Hints
• A wool cap looks great with a T-shirt and jeans
• Round hats look good on square-faced people
• The fedora suits those with a round or long face


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