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Neckwear made for women

Neckwear made for womenImage Credit: Supplied

The word ''neckwear'' usually conjures up images of bow ties and neckties, but women can also use accessories around their neck (and no, we are not talking about jewelry here) to get a chic look.

Colorful scarves are a must-have. Worn around the neck in different styles, they are a sure shot way to liven up your look and wardrobe. Try buying colors and prints that flatter your skin tone, and stick to light fabrics such as silk and cotton. Next time you go shopping, instead of splurging on one dress, buy a few scarves and change your look every day. The Keffiyeh, made popular by Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, is a scarf trend that refuses to go away not only in this region but also in the West. This season, scarves are also being used as a headband.

Mufflers, a warmer variation of scarves, were earlier a winter trend. But more and more women have taken to wearing them round the year. They come in earthy tones and, like scarves, work well for those who don’t like wearing jewelry around their neck.

Shawls, wraps, shrugs and ponchos are also worn around the neck and shoulders. These are ideally meant for winter, but most of us living in Dubai use one year-round in our super-chilled offices. These, however, can also be made of light fabric, net and crochet, and can help you get the layered look. Try not to stick to conventional colors when shopping for shawls and wraps; pick up some colors that pop and watch yourself transform into a social butterfly.

Handy Hints:

• Scarves in different styles can liven up an outfit.

• Neckwear makes a good substitute for jewelry.

• Pick up some shawls, wraps in colors that pop.

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