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Presents for every season and reason in Dubai

Presents for every season and reason in DubaiImage Credit: Supplied

The UAE is a literal Aladdin's Cave of goodies when it comes to buying gifts for family, friends and folks back home. Items can range from spices to gold, and can cost anything between Dh10 and well, the sky is the limit!

Gold – Prices may be going up and down, but everyone is spoilt for choice at the Gold Souk. If you're the organized sort, order a gold or silver chain with a pendant featuring the name of your favorite sister or niece in Arabic.

Curios – Head to the Antiques Museum in Al Quoz and walk out with Dubai shirts, mosque clocks, framed sand, traditional coffee pots, plates and magnets, or pick up sleek Burj Khalifa magnets from At The Top.

Khanjars – Tired of giving shirts and wallets to male relatives and friends? These traditional curved daggers with decorated scabbards make for a great gift.

Eatables – Replace chocolates and candies with Arabic coffee, sweets, dates and camel milk chocolate, or head to the spice market and buy packets of zaatar and sumac. Your salad and kebab-loving relatives will love you more for it.

Carpets – The UAE is one place where you have access to the finest Persian carpets, Turkish and Kurdish kilims and rough-knotted Bedouin rugs, but please do bargain. They may be slightly pricier, but will definitely make a great gift for collectors, couples and families.

Trinkets and boxes – Head to souvenir shops and check out their array of trinkets and trinket boxes with beautiful inlays. They also boast unique art by local craftsmen and artists, and beautiful pashminas.

Athar – Head to your nearest fragrance showroom and pick up the fragrance that you think will appeal to your mum. Keep in mind that the more ''oud'' a mix has, the longer it lasts.

Handy Hints:

• Buy gold/silver chain with Arabic name pendant.

• Bring Arabic coffee, dates instead of chocolates.

• Carpets make a great gift to newlywed relatives.

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