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Right to buy and change your mind

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The UAE is a country which boasts trade and services from all corners of the globe. With a plethora of choices, consumers also have the right to change their minds. But when you reach the customer service department, things may not be as smooth sailing. Pre-sales marketing is a stark contrast to after-sales service.

Most reputed brands in the country have very clear guidelines which are in accordance with international policies. Electronic items, home appliances and other heavy duty equipment usually come with an international warranty/guarantee of a year or two depending on the product/brand. If you are planning to buy these items to take to another country, ensure that the country has an after-sales service center.

If you want to replace an item with a totally different one, the packaging and guarantees have to be intact, and the product not tampered with. Most stores offer a 14-day return policy; there are a few which stretch it to a month. Items included in clearance sales are generally not covered by store exchange policy.

Aside from minutely checking the item, it is advisable to read terms and conditions thoroughly before purchase. Check the specifications of goods, country of origin, terms of use, usage and care instructions.

Every consumer has the right to complain to the Consumer Protection Section at the Department of Economic Development (DED) if there is any discrepancy in the product/service. This includes false or misleading advertising, overpriced goods, malfunctioning or substandard products, unfair trade practices (like street vending), fake or expired goods, etc.

Handy Hints
• Most brands have rules on exchanges or returns
• Minutely check item, and read terms and conditions
• For any product discrepancies, approach the DED


Source: Zenifer Khaleel, Special to Classifieds
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