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Score with the right tennis racquet

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Picking the right equipment when you take up a new racquet sport, like tennis, can be as challenging as mastering a smash or a drop shot to beat your foe.
For an amateur, the tennis racquet should not be too heavy as it will curb his movements and strokes. For a junior, starting the game at the age of 12, the ideal racquet weight should be around 230-250 grams. For adults who are starting the game, the racquet can weigh anything around 260-300 grams.
One of the most common methods to determine your ideal grip is by wrapping your hand around the grip. Now insert the index finger of your other hand between the tip of your fingers and the palm. If the finger fits tightly, this is the correct grip. If the finger goes in too easily, then you should go for a bigger grip, and/or if it is too tight, you need a smaller grip.
Finding the right tension of the strings is also an important element. The ideal tension in racquets for juniors and amateurs should be between 50 and 58 pounds. A lower string tension is preferred for beginners as it provides more power.
“For amateurs, it is tough to control the ball hitting the racquet and high tension strings will cause the ball to bounce too much,” explains Wrick Ganguly, a former international player and tennis coach.
Beginners should also go for a racquet with a bigger head as it provides a bigger surface area to hit the ball.
Handy Hints
• Beginners must buy light racquets with big heads
• Less string tension allows for better power, control
• Tennis Racquet weight affects strokes and movements
Source: S Dhar, Special to Classifieds
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