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On a selfie-specific phone accessory hunt

SelfieImage Credit: Supplied

With the growth of social media and the release of mobile phones with dual cameras comes the growth of a photography trend: taking selfies.

Later came digital point and shoot cameras with flexible LCD monitors. This innovation in digital cameras enhanced previewing capabilities for taking a selfe, and are now being clicked at higher resolutions.

The latest products in the market that are meant for taking selfies and sharing on social media right from your gadget are wifi-ready DSLR cameras. They come with flexible LCD monitors at the back for preview and the easy connectivity to your smart devices through which you can preview, click and then share your image on any social network instantly is a big plus. It can also be connected to Android devices.

However, smartphones and smartphone accessories still seem to lead in the selfie race. Flexible camera tripods and extension poles are a few common helpful products.

Universal LED flash devices with three different levels of brightness to avoid harsh flash from your smartphone is also a hit. All you need to do is plug it in the 3.5mm hole in your phone typically built to fit headphones. A grip and shoot Bluetooth-enabled mount for a smartphone enables advanced selfie-taking capabilities while keeping the device hands-free.

Handy Hints
• Check compatibility of accessory with device
• Consider similar products at lower price range
• Be careful when buying secondhand products

Source: Gaurav Achipalya, Special to Classifieds
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