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Shoppers ditch lists, buy what they fancy

ShoppingImage Credit: Janice Ponce de Leon

Dubai: Gone are the days when shoppers had actual shopping lists. Now they just hit the malls and buy anything that takes their fancy — as long as it’s a good deal.

Gulf News spoke to shoppers to ask what products would most likely make it into their shopping trolleys for this year’s Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) but they said there was nothing specific. Many of them said that while they didn’t have anything written down they still carry out the age-old tradition of scrutinising the price, quality, and variety of discounted items on sale.

“I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I just shopped for purses, bags, and gold. The more I could save, the more I could buy,” Reina Leon, a tourist from the US, told Gulf News while looking for some branded clothes.

Reina’s husband, Elias, said they bought two extra suitcases after days of non-stop shopping.

“We found out that in some stores you can haggle with the shopkeepers, they don’t necessarily follow what’s on the price tag,” Elias, who bought a cap and a belt for himself, said.

Cousins Abdul Qader and Abida Musa said fashion items and accessories were the first to catch their eye while shopping on Monday. The tourists from Mozambique said although branded items were still relatively pricey even after discounts, the variety of products sold in Dubai malls were the pull factor for them.

The cousins bought between themselves clothes, handbags, shoes, and suits during their ten-day holiday in Dubai.

Tarun Mehdiratta, who’s visiting Dubai with his family, said it was their second straight day of shopping in Dubai. Shoes, clothes and toiletries made it into their shopping cart on the first day when they were just strolling around.

“The discounts, quality of the product — since there is less cheating here because the government is strict — and the excellent variety of brands are what I look for when shopping,” Indian tourist Mehdiratta said.

Indian resident Mamta Raja said the variety of products was the main reason why they were hitting the malls this DSF.

“There are more choices here for the same brand that is manufactured back home. Plus the prices are quite good and you have lots of brands to choose from.”

Nirmala G., who is visiting Dubai for the second time, said: “I make a point of coming here with my family during DSF. This year, I bought the same stuff I bought last year because of the shopping festival.”

Shopkeepers said maxi dresses, tracksuits, and party dresses are the top choices for ladies’ clothes while boots, ballerina shoes and stilettos are this year’s best-sellers. For men, suede shoes and ankle boots are in demand.

DSF is a 32-day annual extravaganza that offers citywide promotions for shopping, dining, and entertainment activities.



Source: Janice Ponce de Leon, Staff Reporter,