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Snag yourself the best pair of boots

Snag yourself the best pair of bootsImage Credit: Supplied

Boots are cool and chic. However, you need to put in a little bit more thought into shopping for a pair than shopping for your average flip-flops.

• Wear the kind of socks or hose (carry a pair in your bag) that you are most likely to wear with your boots when you set out to buy them.

• As much as possible, shop at the end of the day as the hands and feet swell throughout the day. If you purchase boots first thing in the morning, you are going to be saddled with boots that feel snug by the end of the day.

• Ensure your arch is supported. Your boots may look good but if you are in pain when you wear them, they will soon languish in the shoe cupboard. Boots must fit snugly at the instep; otherwise, they may slip in the heel.

• Have your feet size measured every time you shop. Shoe sizes tend to change over time.

• You think you have found your perfect size, but it is still a good idea to try the same design in a size smaller and larger. You’d be surprised to find a different shoe size which feels more comfortable, depending on the brand.

• Be clear about what you’re looking for and what suits you best – ankle boots, mid-calf boots, knee-high boots.

• Keep your calf measurements in mind when buying boots that cover them partially or fully. If your calves are wider, boots with elastic goring that stretches are better as these provide room for additional calf circumference.

• If your feet are of different sizes, buy boots as per the larger size then fit a thin insole in the loose boot.

Handy Hints:

• Make sure your boots fit snugly at the instep.

• Ensure you buy a pair in a style that suits you best.

• Try on the same design in smaller and larger sizes.

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