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Stay glamorous on a budget

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Shopping can be a budget buster if you try to keep up with the latest in fashion. Trends come and go, and before you realize it, you have already spent thousands on things that have accumulated at the back of your closet and which you find no use anymore.

Staying fashionable doesn’t require wads of cash. All it takes are a great dose of imagination, and a pure passion for looking great no matter the season. How to transform yourself from a shopaholic to a frugalista? Read on…

Find inspiration – Everybody loves designer brands, but budget-sensitive fashionistas veer away from them. They opt to spend less by buying from stores that sell clothes in designer styles at a fraction of the cost. It is like splurging on your favorite designer dress at a steal.

Get creative – Planning daily outfits can be a chore for some, thus the desire to purchase new stash frequently. How to turn it into a fun affair? Experiment with new looks by mixing and matching, layering, color blocking. You’ll be surprised at the endless ideas you can come up with.

Accessorize – Thanks to accessories, one can look like a million-dollar bucks. Give life to old clothes by adding a belt, hat, scarf, bag, shoes and jewelry. They don’t have to be pricey; they just need to be interesting and striking.

Try thrift shops – Do vintage shops and flea markets pique your curiosity? About time you checked their treasure troves of fashionable items for cheaps.

• Shop off-season – The fashion-savvy knows this all too well. They are the first to throng malls during off-season sales, but only for things they need.

Handy Hints
• Spend less by purchasing clothes in designer styles
• Experiment with new looks by mixing, matching, etc.
• Give life to old clothes by adding some accessories



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