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Stepping up your office style game

Achieving the corporate look need not be that expensiveImage Credit: Supplied

As a modern-day woman, you might be juggling bringing up kids and a demanding career. Manage both fronts effectively and still look trendy even if you are at a loss as to what outfit to wear for the day.

If you want your attire to make a statement, pay attention to some key aspects when going shopping. When buying clothes, keep in mind that power dressing is no longer about designer labels. So while a well-tailored, branded business suit might be an ultimate show of authority, do not buy one if you are not comfortable in it.

Corporate power dressing has seen a gradual digression to less formal and low-maintenance outfits in the last couple of years. Trends come and go, so it is wise to stock up on classic styles that never go out of fashion. Be on the lookout for skirts or dresses in free-flowing materials to achieve a more feminine look, and experiment with luxurious fabrics like silk to add a sense of regality.

Accessorize your outfit wisely. Chunky neckpieces and dangling earrings were fine when you were in college, but are a definite no-no in the workplace. Opt for classics like solitaires and elegant pearls in different colors as they work wonders with a variety of clothes. Wear a simple watch, in either gold or silver, to complete the look.

Shoes can make or break your overall appearance, so invest in several good pairs of heels in solid colors. Lastly, look for a trendy cum functional handbag, preferably in classic leather, to accommodate all your essentials.

Handy Hints:

* Pay attention to your accessories and shoes

* Stock up on classics that never go out of fashion

* Choose free-flowing materials for a feminine look

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Source: Priyanka Wade, Special to Classifieds

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