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Summer and the shorts story

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Summer is about camping, the beach, and letting the shorts out. A wardrobe staple, shorts come in every color, material, length and design, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Fashion experts advise ladies with short legs to choose high-waist pieces, and insist mid-length is the most flattering for all body shapes. Be it printed, in mono or popsicle colors, there are a myriad ways to rock a summer style with shorts.

Denim shorts – The go-to piece as they can be paired with any top, and can be worn almost anywhere. Printed, frayed or distressed, they are available in a variety of cuts to suit all body shapes. Tall and slim ladies have the option of rolling the hems up to their liking.

Bermuda shorts – Also called walking shorts or dress shorts, they sit a few inches above the knee. The pair is considered a heaven-sent for those who want to hide flabby thighs and cellulite. Bermudas create a slimming effect, and are great for the office or a casual outing.

Capri shorts/pants – Perfect for those who do not want to show off more legs. However, capris are rarely flattering as they make the legs look shorter. Avoid those with flared hems, cuffs and pockets, and try to match them with the same color blouse and heeled shoes for a slimmer silhouette.

Cargo shorts – Often with several pockets, can be loose or tight, and in varying lengths. Baggy and longer cargos can overwhelm a tiny figure so tread carefully when shopping for one. To soften its tough look, wear it with a fitted tank top or shirt, and finish off with wedges.

Other shorts options are culottes, skorts, lace shorts, and board shorts.

Handy Hints
• The most versatile of shorts are ones in denim
• Everyone can wear Bermudas, cargos, board shorts
• Women have more options like culottes, skorts, etc.




Source: Ellen Joyce Soriano, Special to Properties
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