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Time to demystify men’s shirts and go shopping

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As a man who lives his life in shorts and ironic t-shirts, shopping for a new shirt happens once every five years or so, and I inevitably buy one that doesn’t fit right so I end up not wearing it for another 4 years and 11 months. Spending a little more time learning about your ideal shirt fit could save you time in the stores and get you a shirt you can wear with pride.

Firstly, know your measurements; it’s not enough to hazard a guess or buy according to S, M, L or XL. Get measured for your neck size and arm length so that the collar doesn’t choke you or sag down around your neck. You should be able to fit one finger between your collar and your neck; two fingers, and the collar’s too big.

Always buy a slim-fit shirt even if you’re not feeling particularly slim at the moment. Extra fabric that billows out by your torso won’t hide your belly but will highlight it. If you’re exceptionally tall, there are also extra slim-fit shirts which will be more flattering for you. Remember that the shoulder seams should hug your shoulders, and the sleeve cuffs should reach just past your wrists.

To make things a bit confusing, there are different types of collars to choose from such as the straight point, button-down, spread and semi-spread; all of which have their pluses and minuses. If this is too confusing, then opt for a semi-spread collar, as, unlike the others, it works with basically everything it is paired with.

Finally, while a crisp white shirt will always be stylish, don’t be afraid to experiment with color. When shopping choose richer, more muted tones for the winter months to help a darker business suit make an impact, and lighter colors and patterns such as gingham for the summer months.

Handy Hints
• Get measured for your neck size and arm length
• Make sure you have a slim shirt in your wardrobe
• Buy shirts in a shade in keeping with the season



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