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Time for a lavish jewelry treat

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Jewelry has been used for adornment, as a statement of wealth and as an investment. One must shop wisely when it comes to jewelry so that it can be passed down through generations.


Take time to make a few decisions. Consider your budget, the kind of jewelry you want, and the shop where you want to purchase it. No matter what you are shopping, do a good research by collecting information from all possible sources.


When buying diamond, focus on the four C’s (color, carat, clarity and cut). Look for luminous, colorless diamonds that are free from cracks or flecks of black carbon.

Today, almost all available pearl jewelry contains cultured pearls. Akoya, Cortez, Mabe, South Sea and Tahitian pearls are some of the most popular varieties. They differ in color, size and finish. Ask your dealer about the peculiarities of the pearls.

The four C’s rule also applies to gemstones. Select stones that are bright and transparent with no visible flaws.

Gold is often a part of investment. Have a clear idea of the influence of karat on the price of gold jewelry. Remember that items with stones have a different resale value.

Be aware of the current market price and the latest trends when jewelry shopping. And do not forget to check the warranties, guarantees and store return policies.

Handy Hints
• Have a clear idea of what jewelry you really want
• Know the tips for buying different types of jewelry
• Check the store’s warranty, guarantee, return policy

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