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Tip the fashion scale with jackets

Tip the fashion scale with jacketsImage Credit: Supplied

Although putting on a jacket may not seem like the ''thing to do'' in the UAE, there are surprising benefits to doing just that. With the right kind of jacket, you stand a chance of looking not only slimmer and more polished, but also tipping the fashion scale in your favor.

Below is a brief look at what jackets can do for you:

The denim jacket – This classic piece never goes out of style and can be worn all year round and in any part of the world. Short structured denim jackets with clean lines sans the 80s shoulder pads and loud embellishments look great paired with a lacy tank top or any kind of feminine blouse and a pair of fitted pants. Ballet flats translate into an everyday look while high heels and a dress instantly transform the denim jacket look into something that can be worn for a night out.

The blazer – Blazers are jackets that come without a pair of matching pants and/or skirt. Highly popularized by Coco Chanel as a style staple for women as early as the 1920s, blazers, much like the denim jacket, can be dressed up or down and are not a seasonal part of the wardrobe.

The trench coat – Trench coats are rarely seen in this part of the world. Due mainly to their association with colder climes and/or the preference of those in the Middle East to layer their outfits with cardigans instead, the trench coat is a surprisingly adaptable type of jacket. It comes in diverse styles and can be worn short or long, with a dress or even as a dress when the matching belt is replaced by a fancier version.

Handy Hints:

• Denim jackets can transform a dress or a tank top.

• Blazers can be dressed up/down with a skirt, pants.

• Trench coats can be worn with a dress or as it is.

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