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Tips on bargain shopping at flea markets

Tips on bargain shopping at flea marketsImage Credit: Supplied

Now, who doesn't love to shop with only a little to spare? Flea markets are every bargain hunter's dream. Here's how to shop smart:

• Wear comfortable clothing - Wear walking shoes or slip-ons, light cotton tops and bottoms; carry a water bottle and, most importantly, a trolley bag.

• Haggle - It is common for seasoned flea market shoppers to offer half the quoted price and get the product at their price. If not half, you will at least receive a discount worth a quarter of the initially quoted price. The last hour before closing is when shoppers can expect to receive the biggest discounts.

• DIY - Don't be afraid to buy tables without legs or chairs without seats. A little creativity can ensure a truly personalized living space.

• Map - Some have maps outlining what is located where. It is good to zero in on shops you like to save time and avoid unnecessary purchases.

• Money - Keep a decent amount of cash with you in smaller bills to ensure you don't get shortchanged when purchasing an item. Sellers at flea markets don't accept plastic money.

• Don't forget to pack your smile - Being friendly will probably get you what you want at the price you want.

Handy Hints:

• Flea markets sell several items at slashed prices

• Shop with patience and you'll surely get bargains

• Bring smaller bills to flea markets to avoid hassles

Source: Bushra Hameduddin, Special to Classifieds

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