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When store brand buys pay off

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One of the most compelling lessons the global economic recession taught consumers is that, beyond the bargains and sales, a quick way of automatically saving about 25-30% off your purchases is by buying store brands or by going generic.

So when people have no choice but to look for cheaper alternatives to some big name products they regularly purchase as a result of their reduced spending power, they realize that certain ‘ordinary’ products are made of basically the same thing as their big brand counterparts. They also find out that big name brands also produce cheaper alternatives. In fact, some blind taste tests have shown that people make no distinction between generic and name brands when it comes to milk, juice and soup.

When it comes to fashion, if one is wont to frequent mid-range boutiques/shops as well as lower end clothing stores, it is not unusual to see the same clothing style made with very similar fabrics and fit quality across different stores. If one looks into the make, the quality would be almost the same in some cases.

Generic labels are also useful when it comes to buying OTC medicine such as aspirin or paracetamol, but quality may be affected when it comes to highly specialized medicine for more complicated health concerns.

Areas where women are unwilling to bargain, however, are in hair, skin and beauty care where non-branded products usually fail quality-wise.

If you are a stickler for labels, experts say that it is probably better to purchase high-end items from licensed or authorized retailers even if a seller is offering you a huge discount.

Handy Hints
• Buying generic products can save about 25-30%
• Generic labels useful when it comes to OTC meds
• The label-conscious must stick to authorized sellers



Source: Lovely Claire CD, Special to Classifieds
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