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Wise supermarket navigation

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With the advent of hypermarkets, people have become even more exposed to the fundamental pitfall of consumerism – overspending, something we are all guilty of, one way or another.

So after preparing your weekly grocery list and vowing not to be waylaid from it, how do you successfully navigate the superstore, and spend within your budget?

First of all, a wise consumer would know that supermarkets tend to spread out the locations of regularly purchased items all around the store so they have a chance to entice the weaker-willed into buying some tempting goodies along the way. Knowing thus, make a beeline for each item on your grocery list and avoid lingering on any aisle unnecessarily.

Second, take note that best-selling brands are usually given prime exposure; hence, they would meet you at eye level whichever aisle you go. The problem with profitable items is that they usually tend to be name brands sold at a higher cost price. Let your gaze travel downward and upward, pick out samples, compare ingredients and nutrition label information – you might find out that the less popular and lower-priced brands would offer the same if not better ingredients and nutritional value.

Third, during big sale days, take a look around so you see that during these ‘store bonanzas,’ even non-sale items get similar signage so they get the same attention as products on sale. So when you reach out for that package, make sure you are actually getting better value.

Steer clear of goodies located by the counter till. Keep in mind you are there to pay since you have all you need. Browse if you wish, and return what’s not on your list.

Handy Hints
• Head directly for the items in your shopping list
• Examine, compare, choose from different brands
• Steer clear of goodies located by the counter till



Source: Lovely Claire CD, Special to Classifieds